March 5th & 6th 2016

2016 Pylon Nationals Las Vegas - NEV

April 2nd & 3rd 2016

2016 IMG 7on7 Regional

Redondo Beach - CA

April 10th 2016

2016 Passing Downs

San Pablo -  Ca


What Our Students Say About Us

I've worked with members of the staff all through high school and when my decision came to choose between over a dozen offers, I knew that because of the hard work I put in with the organization I'd succeed at the next level.


Louis Vecchio, 

 TE/DE University of Pennsylvania.

After I made my commitment to an SEC school I decided that speed and explosiveness was a necessary prerequisite! Coach Kevin helped to prepare me for battle against the top college football conference in Americaā€¯


Charles Wright ,

OLB,  University of Vanderbilt. 

  • Academic Accountability
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Speed and Agility  Training
  • Recruiting Assistance
  • Position Specific Training, 7V7 TEAM
  • Community Service

Oc Elite Football 7on7

Choosing an organization to develop young student athletes can be difficult. OC Elite has the experience, facilities, insight and connections to get these young men closer to their dreams. We're well aware that mental strength, character and  commitment is imperative to becoming an elite ahtlete. It's our job to help.

OC Elite is an organization dedicated to developing young men into College-Ready student-athletes, on and off the field. Although first & foremost we're focused on developing the athletic ability of our members, We also offer a myriad  of services in addition to training  that contribute to the success and well being of our students.  


  Our staff is a community of former D1 athletes, rehabilitation and performance enhancement professionals. Our vision is to create a competitive environment within our organization that fosters an improved skill set on the field as well academic, career and personnel development.  Talent alone won't garnish a scholarship. But above average grades, good character in conjunction  with talent will.

Our Team