Each member gets  a  pair of Nike socks, Nike compression jersey and  Nike shorts with their personal number on both their shorts and jersey.

Company Profile

OC Elite Football


Founded: 2010

Program Director: Kevin Morton


Staff Areas of expertise:  Rehabilitation, performance enhancement, position specific coaching, footwork, recruiting assistance.  

Multiple state of the art facilities to accommodate your rehabilitation and performance enhancement needs.

Orange County, California is  A  college recruiting hot bed! College coaches from across the nation travel here in order to evaluate and discover talented athletes year round. Many  of which are under the radar so to speak  and can  benefit from additional training, mentors  and an academic game plan.

At "OC" Elite football our goal is to help our athletes achieve the dream of becoming collegiate athletes. Aware of the temporary failures and pitfalls that can divert young men from this path we are dedicated towards aiding our community with an innovative and  multifaceted approach. 5 star prospect or first year varsity participant? Coming off an season ending injury or just in need of explosive footwork? Struggling with grades or future Ivy league student?  You're a perfect fit for our program! The only prerequisite we require is desire, passion and the  determination to be the best. We’ll teach you what it takes to be an Elite competitor  and  hold you accountable in the classroom. Our staff is constantly  developing relationships with college scouts and coaches! And if you can apply your self you'll become a highly coveted commodity. Remember  the film doesn't lie. It's up to you to be great. How bad do you want it? 

Out-Train the Game.