Kevin Morton

Program Director

Therapy Assistant

Performance Trainer

​Kevin T Morton founded the Orange County Elite program in 2014 . But this organization didn't spring from the abyss but was rather an accumulation of  6 years of mentoring and  training countless  student athletes, some  of which are making major contributions  to their Division 1 programs today. Kevins  football career began while attending Barstow High School which he then parlayed into the opportunity to play for the "Pat Hill" ,coached Fresno State Bulldogs in 2003.  While attending  the University  Kevin studied kinesiology . As an  student athlete the  experience of traveling, studying film , lifting  and competing on the field day in and day out forged the passion and desire to help young student athletes achieve their dreams  today.

In his professional career Kevin works as a performance trainer and postural therapist, in a  state of the art   facility in Newport Beach California. Previously, Kevin spent time as a physical therapy aid under the tutelage of his Mentor John Horsley at the rehabilitation performance institution in Newport beach California. During the off season Kevin works along  side some of the  top performance coaches  and trainers in the world, during the Nike Regional Opening camp series which is touted as the best High school football camp in the nation. Year after year  Nike brings the best highschool talent in the nation together to compete and refine their skills . Coaching at these events helped mold the vision for what became, Orange County Elite Football.

Orange County Elite' vision  is to help create a innovative, effective and intelligently designed path towards achieving a college scholarship. Education is vital for any youths success, by holding young men academically accountable through establishing personal relationships as not just coaches but mentors. Rehabilitation Is imperative for athletes who play football. Kevin has established a means in which athletes can be diagnosed and treated by the best professionals in the field. Recruiting assistance is something Kevin is constantly  evolving in. Every week several new relationships are formed with college coaches and recruiters. The last part of the 4 part vision and as an important one is the training. Athletes currently playing football in the Pac12, IVY leauge and SEC are  currently training with Kevin just as they were in high school. 

Keyth Morton

Recruiting Director

Defensive Coordinator

​Keith Morton joined the OC Elite staff on Dec. 7, 2014 as the Co-Defensive Coordinator and Recruiting Director. Going through the recruiting process as a student athlete while in high school, coupled with his ability to build long lasting relationships, has prepared him for the task of building key connections with Division 1 Head Coaches across the country. Morton’s addition to the OC Elite staff helps offer student athletes quality mentorship based off of real life experiences.
 Morton is the President of LMG Automotive Assistance. While attending Barstow High he excelled as a 3 sport athlete, and was name All League in Football, Basketball and Track and Field. These accolades eventually earned him the opportunity to play at Fresno State University, a Division 1 program which has helped develop countless NFL prospects.  His love for the game continues to this day which directly translates to OC Elite's student athletes. He and his wife, Jennifer have a son, Khyri.